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Business Analysis

You may know what your business does but do you know how you do it? Congratulations if you do, but have you written it down?

Business Processes are a 'must have' if you want your staff to do the right thing every time. Written business processes give both them and you a yard stick to refer to. Also, when it comes to growth and new systems, it is difficult to know where your going if you do not know where you have come from!

DocuTrain can help. By spending time with both management and those at the coal face we can prepare process flow maps which can help with job role description, staff training & empowerment which leads to efficiency & ROI.

Did you know...

Processes can be documented either by business area or job role

BPM can help identify workflow bottlenecks

Process analysis & mapping only really works when all elements of the process are involved.

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