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MS CRM 3.0 and Outlook Business Contact Manager

Many small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK still rely on a mix of spreadsheets, contact management systems and email systems or even paper based records. There are very few that have a customer relationship management system that really works for them.

There is a perception that these solutions are designed only for large corporate companies with large corporate budgets. Microsoft CRM shows that these preconceptions are now old news.

Dove-tailing into MS Outlook and also available through the Web, MS CRM 3.0 has the flexibility to mirror your organisation and is quick to learn, minimising down time and maximising ROI.

For the smaller company, Outlook 2007 has a great free Add-on called Business Contact Manager (BCM). This gives CRM like tracking through MS Outlook and offers project tracking and marketing functionality.

Did you know...

CRM is available in a Small Business Server Version

BCM is a free add-on for MS Outlook

Microsoft sold over 50,000 CRM seats in 2006

BCM can be customised to include business specific fields

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