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Documentation Services

A lot of thought is put into how a new system is implemented, tying in with legacy systems and data, working out how new processes and procedures will be carried out and how much saving will be made.

All of this is meaningless if the people doing procedures and reporting on the data do not have a meaningful and comprehensive support resource in the form of User assistance documentation.

Frequently it is deemed unnecessary as 'They can pick it up as they go along ' or 'Their manager can show them '. Yes, in both cases they probably could, but it is not the best use of time or resource.

DocuTrain believes in empowering individuals through helping them to help themselves. Meaningful, accessible user assistance systems of the sort we can provide will help companies achieve this.

Did you know...

Good Documentation can help staff:

  • Use a product effectively
  • Understand what they (and the business) are trying to achieve
  • Comply with best business practices
  • Understand conformance & non-conformance of a QA policy
  • Overcome workplace issues and problems
  • Understand policies and procedures
  • Make decisions
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